Grocery Shopping

for seniors and shutins

If you are able to shop

for our members

or if you are a member

who need groceries,

please contact the church office.

Send Cards and Notes

to keep in touch

Sending birthday cards and notes

is appreciated and lifts the spirits

of our members young and old.

It is important to stay connected!

Prayer Requests
Confidential Mailbox

If you have been visiting Salem and desire to become a member, please fill out both forms and either EMAIL or mail them to the office at 1211 N. Brand Blvd., Glendale 91202.
If you have any questions about the process or Lutheranism in general, please call Laurie in the office at 818-243-3193 ext. 7100 and she will connect you with Pastor Amie.
Also if you would like your child, yourself or a family member Baptized, please call the office for more information.

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Remembrance of Our Saints

Nov. 7, 2021

Isabel Mendez

Gandma Ruth, Grandpa Doc George, Jarle Kjos

& Benedicte Kjos
Parents Bud & Marshia Gregson
Edwin and Nancy Lewis, Frank and Mabel White,

Grace and Atlee Lewis & Marilyn Drunasky
Francesco Formica, Eva and John Majdan,

Eva Borrego & Arturo Frias
Richard Bradner Ward
Fred and Irene Meyer & Richard and Idalia Anwiler
David Drake, Jan Middlebrook, Memere and Pepere Pelletier, Marie Starleaf, Gunnard Starleaf

& Clarence Werner
Brian Miller

Robert and Christine Close, Frank Close

& Pastor Marcus Hess

Lucile Johnson, Andrew Johnson & David Lister

Jean Alcan, Allan Styffe, Helen White & Emma Jensen

Marilou Kaye & Robert Kaye

Isabel Arcia, Elmer and Marian Kruse & Bernice Sleeker

Katherine Ambrose, Steffie Blatnik & Thelma Chopyak

Jay Weller, Margie Berard, Jodi Dunn, Carlos Reyes

& Pastor Marcus

Helen Ragsdale, Max Foradori & Bill Grisham

Betty Mattson

Grandma Jane and Grandpa Charlie

Bob Bright and Brian Scott

Uncle Reza Nouri

Jackie Moore, Chuck Moore, Bill and Ginny Sieger,

Mr. Armbruster & Vinnie and Pat Seekins

Leslie Simons, Leslie and Bertha Oberschelp,

Annette Volland & Rodney, Joy and Eleanor Oberschelp

Christopher Oliver, Margaret and Clark Paddock,

Jean and Tom Denton, Steve Anderson & Lindsay Gordon

Raymond Dunn Jr., Aunt Velma, Opal Pullaro, Carl Pullaro,

Joseph Castrova, Chris Castrova & Rae Castrova

Alameda Hornsby, John Hornsby,

Robert Dollenmayer and Carol Johnson

Cass Ramschissel and Jack Wood

Gohar Avedisyan, Karo Oganesyan

& Mairanush Oganesyan

Duane Luehring, Albert and Olive Luehring,

Ron Kringel & Garry Unger

Erik Christian Guritz

Richard Watson, Lois Watson, Alice Watson,

Walter Johnson, Anne Johnson & David Johnson

Elsie and Herman Dash, Agnes and Les Harrier

& Mel Harrier

Charles and Lavern Beith, Russell Winters & Amy Farrell

Anna Lonberger, Victor Lonberger, 

Audrey and Joseph Vaccarelli & Pearl Landfell