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Becoming a New Member at Salem


Someone asked me on Sunday what it means to be a member of our church. She already receives the e-news, has a name tag and enjoys coming to worship, etc. I told her that membership is not required, but it does foster a level of commitment to the Salem community. It entitles you to vote on church issues and serve on the church council, opening up opportunities to serve. Most of all, it deepens the sense of belonging to your new church family.


If you’re interested in becoming a member of Salem, there is a form on clipboards in the back of the church. Someone will contact you, and Pastor Amie will have a short discussion with you about joining. You’ll be on your way to being officially introduced and welcomed into the Salem congregation.

Sue Siebels, Member Care Steward

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Remembrance of Our Saints

Nov. 5, 2023

Malcolm Collins

Richard Dyer

Maureen Farestveit

Norman Kilgore

David Meyer

Roy Wiegand

Prayer Requests
Confidential Mailbox
Baptism Dove.jpg

If you have been visiting our worship

or if you are a school family

who is interested in Baptism,

please contact the office

or speak to Pastor Amie.

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Grocery Shopping

for seniors and shutins

If you are able to shop or drive

members to appointments,

or if you are a member

who needs help,

please contact the church office

or Mark Johnsen, Member Care Steward.

Send Cards and Notes

to keep in touch

Sending birthday cards and notes

is appreciated and lifts the spirits

of our members young and old.

It is important to stay connected!

Also visiting our shut ins

is a wonderful way to brighten

their day.

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