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In Person Sundays

at 10am

Pastor Amie Barsch Odahl

At Salem Lutheran Church

we welcome children to worship.

Introducing a new special area

for children to join worship!

"Pray Ground"

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Or Remote from
your home at 10am
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Children’s sermons with child participation offered at most every worship service on Sundays.

Directions to Salem

We are located at 1211 N. Brand Blvd. at the corner of Stocker St. Our parking lot is to the north of the buildings. The church entrance is located in the center courtyard off Brand. Our church is wheelchair accessible and there is a ramp from the parking lot.

Salem Lutheran Campus

Current Covid Protocol:

Parents & Members are not permitted

on the school campus from

7:30am - 3:15pm on school days.

If you need assistance, please call

the office 818-243-3193

Mask Guidelines for

Worship in the Sanctuary:

Masks are encouraged but not required.

We recognize that children under 5

and immune compromised people

are still vulnerable, therefore we

encourage indoor mask wearing

but it is not required.